Pencil Chopper Drawing

Pencil Chopper SketchSomeone at the comic show asked me to draw just a motorcycle in pencil. He wants to draw his girlfriend on the bike, and can’t draw bikes from a 3-quarter view. Ok, sure, why not?

This is mostly by memory. The closest reference I had was a drawing I did of a Triumph chopper. It’s not accurate, but I’m impressed with how it came out.


Art Archives: EAS Brochure

Program illustration for EAS expo

This was for a convention called Extreme Action Sports. The Vice President of AVN was very happy with his adult trade shows like Internext for adult webmasters and Erotica LA for porn fans. Haven’t heard of those? I do admit, times have changed.

But they were big money makers at the time. Yet, the VP wasn’t a big porn fan. So to be true to himself, he put together Extreme Action Sports. Sort of a CES for X-Games, located in Long Beach. He asked me to do an illustrated map of the floor plan and this made it into the program. I believe there’s a second half floating around somewhere.

Sadly, his magic formula didn’t make it for a second year, which is how the rock-climbing wall made it to Erotica LA that summer. In hindsight, it may also be why this has been kicking in the back of my archives, as opposed to being featured more prominently.

Art Archives: Blazing Tattoo Guns of the West

Blazing Tattoo Guns of the West

There’s definitely a Robert Williams influence.

This was a piece for Kenney’s House of Pain in Santa Clara, way back about 1993. I did flash art for him back then, and he asked me to draw up flyers every now and again. Somewhere around here is a version I colored in while at AVN for fun.

You can start to see the fetish art influence coming up here. Notice the Dominatrix on the tat-cycle. There’s other pieces I’ve got laying around. They’ll make their way here eventually.

This week started out pretty hard. Monday I was working a picket line for the Teamsters in Carson. I’ve never walked a picket line before. It starts out OK, but after a couple of hours, it becomes grueling and tedious, especially if you don’t know the drivers you’re walking with. I decided to take a few days off from the night gig. I’ve been seriously burning out, and I think stepping back for a bit helped. It’s given me some time to clean up, organize, and scan in some more art from the archives.

Art archives

Anti-gravity Hover Cadilac Drawing

Hovercad, 1990. Pen and ink on layout paper.

I’m cleaning up the office this week, and found the pile I’ve been meaning to scan in. Most of this is the safe for work art.

Today’s piece is what I call a hovercad, what I hoped we’d be driving by now. I drew it with Rapidographs on layout paper. I was very proud to have it as an illustration in my portfolio. I try to draw hover cars every now and then, but the 50’s Cadilac is one of the few cars that looks like it would be suited to the future. It looks like there would be jet intakes, thrusters, and it would glide over the ground. There’s so much room, a gravity wave repression system would have to fit in there somehow, right?

On the NSFW fetish art side. Work is still continuing on Throne Fun. I got quite a bit done last night, and I’ll be sitting down to finish more tonight.

Artistic Non-Art on Wheels

Choppercabras Fun

That’s me! I couldn’t get out of my Teamster meeting, so I came as Union Man! Fighting for truth, justice, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement pursuant to the NRLB

The weekend has been damned good to me, blood, bruises, and sore muscles aside. I’m updating here because I almost never do, despite my resolutions, and there’s the off chance there might be munchkins in the Halloween ride photos and I don’t want to run those on my adult blog.

Atomic Cycles had their Halloween bicycle ride today. It starts with entertainment and rather painful games, followed by a group bike ride, and it ends with a BBQ, good company and the occasional spectacle of sobriety denial.

My plan had been to go in drag. The theme this year was Superheroes Vs. Supervillains. I was already pondering my options, until I found out about my Teamster meeting. Ok, I didn’t find out about it. I knew about it. Unfortunately, it became obvious I wasn’t going to get out of it. Upon reflection, it dawned on me to take what I usually wear to these things, my work hat, covered in union pins, and my “Teamsters for Life” T-shirt, and transform them into my Superhero uniform. With the addition of some very cheap gloves and mask, I became Union Man! and rode over to the bicycle rally after the meeting.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here, with a touch of follow up.

I showed up just as they had a game where heroes rode kid’s bikes to rescue cardboard kittens from a tree and return them to an old lady, as villains thwarted them by ramming their bikes and blocking the way. Cardboard felines fell from the tree and I handed some off to the wheeled heroes.

The Demolition derby was awesome! I was in it until I nearly passed out from exhaustion (bashing bikes is hard work), and got tired of putting my front wheel back on repeatedly. I did better than others though. There’s video and photos out there. It will just take a while to find them. Breathless, I sat down under the tree, took photos, and pet a cardboard kitten.

If I had to guess, the ride itself was about seven miles, smartly going onto some side streets where we could avoid major traffic and ending with a four mile ride eastbound on Saticoy. It felt fantastic! You’d expect a lot of drivers to hate us, but most of them loved it. We got a lot of friendly waves and thumbs up. Special thanks to Paul at Atomic Cycles for an awesome time. I can’t wait until the Choppercabras Spring Thing!

Cyberpsycho: Frustrations and Dedications

The Dawn of the Cyberpsycho Age

Since I haven’t updated in over a month, it’s obvious some things have been going on. Right now I’m juggling publicity for my friends at Sanctuary LAX, the night gig, union work for the night gig, and drawing fetish art, along with just trying to live. The night gig has gotten better with a schedule change, but along with that has come some personal schedule issues.

Something’s got to give. Obviously, this page isn’t going to be updated as much as my fetish art page. I also have no problems posting my safe for work pieces here, but I don’t want to post redundancies, and some of the older stuff from the archives just isn’t hitting the mark.

Cyberpunk Chick

Cribbed from one of the larger cyberpsychedelic drawings.

The piece above is an example. That’s from my college days, and was one of my favorite pieces. I love lettering, and I love psychedelic posters. Yes, I misspelled Cyberpsycho. This was when Cyberpunk was in. Not just Neuromancer, hacker movies, and smart drinks, but when many of us traded in Dungeons and Dragons for the role playing games Cyberpunk and Shadowrun. Cyberspycho is what happens when you’ve got to much hardware and software in your head and you snap.

The reason I dubbed it the Cyberpsycho Age is the insane rush we were making into the computer age and back then, anything involving a computer was marketed as cyber.

Cyberpsycho guy

Cyberpsycho guy also cribbed from a larger piece I did. These were later used for the splash page of There’s a heavy influence here by Yoshihisa Tagami of Grey

I still love the lettering from this piece, the symbolism still strike a chord, and I can say that I’m still inspired by Derek Riggs, Masamune Shirow, and of course Leji Matsumoto. An 11×17 version of this piece included Robert Williams for his mechanical beast in Appetite for Destruction. At the time, I had no idea Williams had no interest in Gibsonesque futurism.

So here’s the plan. I’m going to update this with fresh, SFW artwork when I can. I may also include cropped versions of NSFW work I’m working on if I can get away with it. There’s one big difference I want to add, and may integrate with my facebook page. There’s a lot of stuff I’m looking at to fill in gaps in my time. For example, I’ll watch back episodes of Galaxy Express 999 while drawing, or I’ll watch a clip or two from TED talks before bed. I’m finding some good stuff, you may not have seen before. This stuff is not fetish, or BDSM, but it’s still damned interesting. So, I’ll make a point to insert it here between art updates, along with vanilla adventures like my bicycling obsession.

Updates and Changes

Project from design class in college in the 90's. There was just something about the assignment that irked me and I needed to take it much further.

Project from design class in college in the 90’s. There was just something about the assignment that irked me and I needed to take it much further.

My work with Black and Blue Media has me focusing on publicity for New York Rubber Ball and Miss Rubber World for the next few weeks. I’ll have more on that later.

Obviously, I’m slammed and don’t have much time for updates here. Once the event is over, plans are to change the update schedule or at least archive more work in advance to keep updates more regular.

Best wishes,


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